Code of conduct for IC/OOC, as well as realm appropriate knowledge of the room

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Note that as administration these rules may be adjusted to fit unforeseen conflict or needs of the realm as a whole. Announcements will not be posted in all cases to amendments or adjustments, it is your responsibility as a player to periodically consult the rules and ensure they are adhered to for the maximized safety, comfort, and respect of all characters and typists who visit this forum and our chat room. Any violation of the rules may result in reactions varied from a warning, to a permanent ban.


Anything considered acceptable during in character room play is acceptable on the forums. Limitations however shall be to the discretion of taste, and to the moral senses of those of the community.

The IC boards are for solely IC play, thus only IC posts and play are to be displayed in these boards. This is without exception, though of course OOC comments for elaborations, descriptions, and anything that may be within a room log overlooked are understandable in good taste of enhancing play.

The Admin/announcement posts are for moderator usage only, except in the circumstances of a member reporting a bug, asking about a policy, offering a suggestion, etc. It's not for airing grievances, complaints, slander, or venting. The OOC boards are used for general OOC discussion and chit chat.

The OOC board is a free for all for member usage. Anything not deemed offensive, racist, or in poor taste is acceptable. This board is for chit chat, joking around, posting bits of favored play, etc. We will not tolerate pictures of dead babies, swastikas, anti-anything that in all logic would find you a swift ticket to the door. Have fun with it, but use your head. If someone finds something you post offensive that you see as acceptable, no harm no foul, you'll have it explained to you that it's been removed or moved for the comfort of another and talked to about it, depending on the content once an admin has fairly reviewed the situation. If something is posted with malice and ill intent or otherwise breaks the rules, you may not be so fairly warned, that is what this paragraph is for.


OOC is to be kept to a minimum to prevent interruption to play. During down time when no play is taking place, such views will be eased. We've all seen crazy moments where we couldn't contain ourselves, but use common sense and respect towards others.

If a character is offensive, rude, or acts poorly in typist good faith of portraying their characters accurately, no actions will be taken in the context of allowing honest RP to flow. If OOC is suspected or no IC motive, situation, or any traits of such behavior is found, the typist may be whispered to verify or justify their IC behavior in the room.

In terms of restrictions of IC actions or abilities, the 'old school' approach will be taken. If your character is a spaceman, hit the door. If you can circle the earth in the blink of an eye, see ya. If you and God were roommates in college, don’t waste our time. We do not welcome 1/4 pixies 1/4 demons 1/4 vampires and 1/4 nekos. You get the hint, use your head. No waving your hands and summoning the gates of hell and 50,000 demons. If you don't know what moding is, this is not the room for you. 20/20, D&D stats, and rank 10 VTM skills? This is a free form realm, but godliness of system stats will be considered godmoding nonetheless. We know how to count points, and may question your own ability to do so as you are removed.

Respect is key. All players will be respected, provided they show equal respect for those within the room. If there is a concern about a character or a typist, you're allowed to ask for a pause in play on screen while the situation/concern is handled in whisper. Keep your laundry off the main screen.

Hammers will be your mommy and daddy when a disagreement arises. Your concerns will be listened to impartially; though once a ruling is made it is final. Moding is still moding. If a post does not fly due to such an offense, you won’t be given a chance to report another mode, or conjure another moded post. Details missed or overlooked/unaddressed do happen, we're all human. Feel free to work that type of situation out and repost as needed within the context of keeping play valid throughout (ensuring you've notified the others in your scene you wish to repost).

The only combat style accepted within this realm is TB (turn based). Valid IC motive must be present, or made clear to a host via whisper if the offense leading to violence is to remain unspoken for the time being in the spirit of storyline progression. Bored TBers looking for a fight are not acceptable reasons.

Guards are not made of cardboard, and often do not travel alone. There are no bars next to a throne for you to kick your feet up. Every drunken idiot or new character will not be allowed to 'suddenly appear' where they choose to and challenge a random official to a duel for kicks. NPCs were invented for a reason, I suggest you remember that. You don't open a portal to the White House and appear before Trump suddenly, and expect to fight him to the death. Use your head. Likewise, even the White House has gates and security. Don't expect to waltz in and kick back in the parlor of a restricted place, that's what taverns are for. Again, common sense check. NPCs however are allowed to be used for directions, common information, tour guides, pack mules, what have you. Our NPCs are well paid and quite loyal, the cooks at the palace won’t be putting poison in anyone's drink for a nickel for example. Once again...USE YOUR HEAD.

You use magic and have been to RD, and know exactly where you're using a portal to? Ok, can't complain. You're lazy and feel like 'suddenly appearing' in a chair in a tavern you've never laid eyes on before? Learn to use your feet like everyone else.

Over the course of RP common sense has been dulled, and a lot of unacceptable play has been allowed to slide. Such accommodations will not be made. We have a friendly staff who is quite understanding, but we're also here for RP. Please remember such yourself.

It is asked that all individuals have a profile of some context. Your every weakness and the size of your waistline is not required for example. However, base information is required regarding your race and abilities, or anything you yourself choose to use in play within reason. Didn't list you had a horse on your profile? We're not going to bite you for it. Get in trouble and forget to mention you can transform into a 200 foot teletubby? Chances are it will be ruled you 'forgot' how to use that ability until your next visit when it is listed.

"One-lining' is highly frowned upon. Typing *walks into the room* doesn't tell us where you entered from, what you look like, where you're going, or what you're doing. This is paragraph-RP. There is no set in stone 'you must type X paragraphs per post,' but make your character able to be interacted with. Otherwise, you'll simply be wasting the time of the one trying to play with you if you give two lines for every 5 paragraphs they give you.

Anything not covered or elaborated on that you're curious about? If the need is not immediate, please put it in writing on the forums so there is consistency and common knowledge when a ruling or answer is given. Chances are, it could have been missed, and would greatly aid us in updating our rules and judgments. If the need is dire, ask a host. If they don't have a hammer, do not quote their answer, as it is not official.

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