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Lateri Souledge / Jade Izabella SoulEdge
Palace of the Vale, ShadowVale

Lateri was resting within the palace quarters within the Vale that Shaeilin and Janelle were graciously letting he and Sorcha remain in while tending to the birth of his children and their first months in this world. He wanted them connected to the lands and close to his family, namely his Father, for the time. It would allow the bond to settle deep between he, Sorcha, the the children, as well as the rest of his family. The proximity to the Rifts would help with those that weren't within the Vale or even in this plane.

Sorcha at current was resting in their chambers after feeding the children. His Father's vitae administered in drops by vial afterwards, mixed with his own. He lay on the elongated chaise with one child craddled per arm. The two, son and daughter, he watched them reaching with a free arm to grab at each other before their attention was garnered by the looming appearance of his sister, Jade Izabella.

"They really are curious little things aren't they?" She stated.

Lateri looked from the two to her for a moment and gave a light laugh,"Not so much different from you or I at the age."

"I was never that ugly, dear brother," Jade quipped in retort with pure jest in tone.

"You were worse," Lateri grinned knowing his sister wouldn't make to strike him while holding them.

"Hmph," was all that came in response before Jade giggled in relenting to the back and forth.

Jade's left hand played at attempting to reach out and touch the boy hesitantly. Lateri watched amused at the situation. Sorcha refered to the two as her "Little Raisenettes" which Jade could only approve of the moniker. "Careful with them claws, Izzy," Lateri jested to his sister.

Jade's hand stopped just short of the son and looked at her nails for a moment. The rounded nails held angular tips just in the middle. She rolled her fingers in a playing motion as if over the keys of a harpischord. The nails rounded out entirely to leave no damaging edge. It only went to show that the woman actually concerned herself with the two children. "Better?" she mocked questioningly.

"Much," he responded to her. Jade's hand came to touch the forehead of the boy before running her fingers through the inch long hair the child already possessed. Her hand moved from the boy to the girl and performed the same motions. The hair on the girl's head equal to brother's in length as Jade 'petted' the two. There was care in her motions with the little ones but she refused to hold either for not wanting them to ruin her clothes.

Adjusted within the chaise Lateri lifted the two within the craddle of his arms to where he sat more upright and they lay swaddled in their blankets with heads just at his shoulders.

"So answer me this, brother; why is Father where he is?" Jade sat at the end of the chaise after Lateri shifted leaving enough space for her to sit.

The two younger siblings of the room were fast falling to sleep as the question was spoken. Lateri's eyes shifted from the two children to Jade. "Not entirely something I can answer, Izzy, but it is good for him to rest. Let him be, I seriously doubt Lenore will let any harm come near him as he is," he gave voice to the reply.

Jade remained seated with a straight posture at the end of the chaise though furrowed her brow,"Yes but do you not..."

"If you wish to ask those questions, you can visit as well as I, and Lenore can answer. Given he let it happen can only tell me he felt it was necessary. Besides, Sebastien's doing much better than I could have predicted in taking up Father's seat in the Wolfe," Lateri interrupted her again.

"See, that's the part," Jade began before Lateri's gaze halted her words.

"You underestimate him, sister, and that's exactly what he wants." Lateri's words seemed to sink in with the pure intention of which their context held as Jade thought over it for a moment.

Jade gave a harrumph in sorted reply,"Fine." She knew Sebastien held his own gifts though never seemed to take anything serious. It was okay in a sense but wasn't overall within her consideration for approval. "If Dad let's him do as he does, I can't fault...What?" She raised a brow to Lateri shaking his head as she spoke.

"Think of his age, Izzy. He's nay yet two hundred and fifty. Young in comparison to us. I don't think he's even figured out what he wants to do with the lives we've been given. Let him be. He'll eventually figure it out." Lateri spoke in soft words as the two in his arms slumbered as to not wake them. Jade's face contorted for a moment before she gave a heavy sigh, indicating she was relenting entirely to his points.

"What about them?" Jade gestured to her niece and nephew.

"They'll be raised in Krasnador, and they'll have there lives there. It will be a week at least before we leave the Vale through the Rifts to head back to our own time. I've lived this era already, it is not my place." A hum issued within the room seemingly almost in agreeance to what had been said.

"Is that?" Jade looked to the origin on the hum, a large armoir of black colored wood with silver and gold detail inlay.

"It is," Lateri answered looking to the same object,"and it shall too remain with me even when we leave this place." The words between words Jade understood well enough as she nodded before standing.

"Well," Jade moved around to the end of the chaise which held Lateri,"I've been here a few days. It is time I get back." Jade leaned down over Lateri giving him a kiss to his cheek which was returned by him. She then looked to the two little ones and smiled lightly before placing a gentle kiss to their heads. Straightening she started for the doors that would lead her way out.

"Be careful, Izzy, and come visit within Krasnador a little more often. We could even go hunting." Lateri spoke to his sister as she gripped the handle of the door and was opening it.

She turned her head to look over her shoulder with a smile to him and the two younglings,"Hunting sounds wonderful. We can even teach them when they're old enough. Granted one of them even receives your gift." Lateri grinned and shifted enough to expose enough of the shoulder blade of the son. The edges of black marking could be seen. Jade raised her brow, turning her body halfway back towards him,"Already?"

Lateri grinned happily,"Both."

"Oh lords, Sorcha's gonna have a handful," Jade giggled and gave a wave with one hand. "Have fun with those two, dear brother, love you all," she spoke stepping through the doorway and closed it behind her. Lateri returned the departure's as she left.

He was there in the quiet of the room with the hearth burning away with his own futures swaddled and thankfully silently asleep. "Yes, and what futures you two do hold." Olga moved through the room pausing to look at Lateri before coming over and the both of them manuevering the two children so that Olga could then take them to their crib. Lateri stood from the chaise as Olga moved off with his children and stretched. Stepping towards his and Sorcha's chambers he'd rest with her for a time. She was restless in sleep without him there and would have undoubtedly by this time strewn the covers everywhere leaving her with only the heavy fur blanket that was meant to lay atop of everything.

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