The Full Moon

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The Full Moon

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Sethrys Dregosta
Beatrice Dregosta
& Molly

Sethrys glanced around the cabin that she had chosen to use for Beatrices’ first shift, it was a small single room and no windows. It was an old small shepherd's cabin on Abbey grounds but neatly overlooking the Kings’ field, she looked up at the rising sun; it was breaking the horizon later and later it seemed. Sethrys had chosen to start this day well before the moon would rise, before even the sun had risen she was ousting Beatrice and Molly from their beds. Sethrys wanted the virus to have gone through and an hour or so of rest before the forced shift was wrecking her mind and body. Sethrys looked over her shoulder at Beatrice, the girl was pale and her dark brown eyes wide.
“Auch no need to look so frightened, I've not the rage to be hittin’ a frenzy will be but a quick sting and we will move on with the rest of it..” Sethrys shakes her head, she had hoped to work Beatrice up to this, not just drop the poor girl into it, at least let her see Sethrys herself shift… But now the Mistress was impatient and wanted this done… At least Molly would know enough when she would be added, though that would only happen when she could be replaced as kin. Her assistant stood watch over them, as she always would.
Sethrys winces knowing the scars that Beatrice was about to see were many and extensive, it couldn’t be helped, their Mistress had been young. The Scars she wore would always serve to show the others that not only did Sethrys earn the right to serve their Mistress as Head of house, but also that their Mistress could be downright petty and cruel. Granted the bulk of Sethrys’ scars had been given when the Mistress wasn’t much more than a fledgling. Slowly Sethrys removes her cloak, fingers pausing and trailing over the four crescent shapes on the left side of her neck and the single thumb mark just past the windpipe into the hollow of her throat. Handing the cloak to Molly she turns waiting for Beatrice to undo the buttons of her dress. Sethrys turns away to face the girl before Beatrice could see the huge complicated mess that was her back.
“Beatrice, I want you to remember that the Mistress was young and the majority of these were inflicted over a century ago or longer. Some of them I even earned and deserved, I hope you never upset her to the point of incurring such punishments…” then she lets the dress fall about her waist and she pushes it down over her hips before stepping out and handing the mound of fabric to Molly. She moves on to removing the underclothes ignoring the gasp from the girl. Sethrys knew what the girl would see...the indented skin of her back from shoulder to shoulder, the image had long since blurred and lost the ridges of being a fresh wound, but it was extensive nonetheless. Spanning from one shoulder to the other was the wings of a dragon, the head rested at the nape of her neck, the hind legs sat at her lower back and the tail dangled down over her spine, the spade tip ending just above where her buttocks began. The removed skin had been transferred to her ribs where a slit had been opened and the skin from her back inserted and bound there, creating raised and puckered tiger-like stripes along Sethrys’ ribs. Her hips each had their own marks; her right hip into her bottock was covered in a swirl of ink, the scene was a labrinth flower garden, the raised wall beds also were raised patches of inked skin forming the labyrinth; her left hip into her buttock was the opposite of her right hip, where the beds had been raised ink, it was indented on the other side, and blurred with age. Sethrys turns slowly purposely to give the young girl a chance to get a good look at the scars, the tattoo’s once she saw Beatrice had seen her back, and hips, Sethrys lowers her arms to show her forearms. Her left forearm has what at first glance looks like a large Roman Numeral or Uppercase I, but upon closer inspection it can be seen that the top and bottom of the I is longer than if it were the letter it looks like, and the trunk of the letter is thick and puckered from the skin ‘pages’ being peeled back and reset the thin part of the book is indented and the other side raise as the ‘pages’ had been turned over. Right forearm is a large crisscross much like a child's game of tic tac toe.
Beatrice's eyes widen at seeing the scars over Sethrys’ stomach and abdomen, a crescent moon slice moving from hip to hip, and an intersecting cut that goes from the peak of the crescent down to her pelvic disappearing into the hair below. Beatrice swallows the lump in her throat, if it was possible she was paler than before. She watches the woman who had become her anchor finish removing her clothing, and turn about once more to be sure the scars she wore were seen entirely. Beatrice feels the tears building, but feels her back stiffen knowing the tears wouldn’t be welcome, not now not ever.
“Good girl, now I will shift. Do. Not. Run. Stand still, the bite will hurt, but the following shift will hurt worse. Every bone in your body will break and be reformed. I cannot say it will not hurt after the first will always hurt but the first is the worst. Do. Not. Run.” Sethrys glances at Molly, who had set the clothing down and was helping Beatrice with her dress and undergarments. Once Beatrice was free of her clothing, Molly set them with Sethrys’ and turns to Sethrys, nodding just slightly.
Sethrys smiles in understanding at the slight nod, her change was one of ease, it being the full moon, and her having been a werewolf as long as she had, it was a simple reclaiming of a familiar form. One of ease, but one that still was painful and she still groans at the breaking and reforming of bones. The whole process is one of irritation and pain; irritating itch of hair as it pushes through her skin, the feel of random bones and other such things moving into place below the layers of skin pulling stretching the scarred tissue, the painful rush of smells as they assault her nose the delicate inner folds of her nostrils hit along with the amplified noise as her ears shift and the ears elongate. Had it been singularly each it wouldn’t on its own wouldn’t be so bad on their own, but it seemed that the senses always hit simultaneously, she had long since learned to keep her eyes closed, one less to deal with. Once the shift is complete she stands up shaking out her predominately dark reddish brown and black coat, she stretches her front legs then the hind ones and gives herself one more full body shake. Turning amber eyes upon Molly and Beatrice she takes one cautious step forward.

Molly holds young Beatrice in a comforting hug, which changes when Beatrice attempts to step back, away from the advancing dark red and black wolf that Sethrys had become. Molly's hands dig into the flesh of Beatrice’s arms not allowing the shaking and crying girl to move away. Sethry licks the girl's hand, then darts forward to sink her teeth into the inner leg just above the knee, causing young Beatrice to cry out and faint. Molly holds onto Beatrice, as she faints from fright, Molly shakes her head glancing at Sethrys who snorts and nuzzles the unconscious girl’s hand. Molly sighs and drags Beatrice over to lie her onto the cot that was kept in the cabin.

Beatrice wakes up in a few minutes, but the fever and body shakes were already beginning, as the virus quickly moved through the girl's body. Molly checks the girls cheeks, encourages her to drink water, assuring her this was all normal she would be better soon. Seeing there was nothing more to do for Beatrice, Molly leaves her there resting on the lumpy cot. She leaves the cabin returning dragging a large leg of beef inside dropping it once it reaches the center of the floor. Leaving to return with a large bowl then two large pitchers of water for the two are dumped into the bowl. Molly looks about the single room, she collects the clothing both women had discarded, and leaves the small windowless cottage, locking and bolting the door behind her.

Sethrys watches Molly as she gets the cabin ready for the two of them to spend the day and Beatrices’ first shift within the cabin. Once Molly leaves Sethrys yawns and moves to lie down in front of the door to wait out the virus’ and witness the girls first shift once the moon rises.
The virus would take time to fully infect her and run its course before the moon would rise and force her first shift. Sethrys would have prefered to let the girl fight the infection before her first turn but Chymera demanded it be done. This was a lot to ask of the girl, Sethrys knew she would be fine, but the lycan regretted the long day of pain that Beatrice would have. Sprawling her limbs out and resting head upon her paws she would nap while she waited.

Beatrice woke convinced her whole body was on fire, she rolled and kicked the blanket off of her only to feel suddenly cold as her body shivered. She felt cold air and shiver uncontrollably one second and burning up and covered in sweat the next. She could not find a comfortable position, it all ached every part of her body ached, parts she didn't know could ache did, her scalp, inside her ears, her eyes, the valleys between her toes, it all ached. It felt like forever before she was able to fall into a fitful sleep.

Beatrice didn't know how long she slept, but when she woke the bed was soaked with sweat and possibly urine. As she began to wake up Beatrice noticed things that told her she had slept a few hours at least, but still felt so tired. She laid there wondering what it was that had woken her and how hard it would be to get back to sleep. Then there it was this unbearable itching all over her back and down her arms. Her hands felt off, she lifted them and screamed at the hairy clawed limbs. She tries to sit up and scoot back, but falls off the bed as her limbs were not working correctly. Just as she hit the floor her leg broke and the other followed and she screamed herself raw as the bones in the rest of her battered body soon followed suit. She cried and screamed, writhing as her body went through the change and shift. Beatrice is only minorly aware of the dark red and black wolf who has come to lie beside her, licking at her face making encouraging noises. Her face which soon too breaks and changes into a light colored muzzle with the barest of gray dusting down the ridge and her screams changing into whining and whimpering. Beatrice is not sure if she has lost consciousness, but slowly she becomes aware of the quiet of the room and the warmth of another lying beside her. Lifting her head she looks over at the black and red beast and lets loose a huff. A wide eyed blink, as she realizes she is no longer human.
Only when Beatrice wakes does Sethrys leap up and lift her head to let loose a triumphant howl, Beatrice watches transfixed before her body moves seemingly of its own volition and she to is lifting her nose and joining her Mother in howling in triumph. She was a Lycan!

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