Commandeering The Queen

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Commandeering The Queen

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Commandeering The Queen
Natas Calliger, Peni, Risque
'Midnight Sun', Docks, The Krai

Far from being ignorant to things he didn't act on he rested in his home with Peni. He was sitting in his favorite chair with her stretched out along his frame in his lap. She was wearing a sheer translucent blue silk gown that was entirely see through. The hearth several feet from them was burning with fervor to warm the room and echo through the home.

They'd been in Wolfe for sometime and with Spring coming in he figured the channel would reopen. His own ship would be crewed, supplied, and sent out to capture new slaves from outside the realm's borders. He planned on going and taking Peni with. New information though had it that the Queen planned on setting sail as well. He'd heard the proclamations of the town criers that the Lady Chymera LeMorte was declared Regent the morning after it had been done. Staying in port he would still gain supply through the land trade.

Peni's fingertip touched his nose. He realized he was lost in thought as he held her. She said nothing as his gaze dropped to her own. He knew she was bringing him to the present and questioning what he was thinking all in that single action and curious look on her face.

"With spring coming the channel will open and sea trade will begin. Which means the ship will set sail to restock my goods. It's been a while since we've had a trip, I figure we would use our shiny new ship to visit a few places while the crew take to their tasks." He laid the idea of his ship plainly to her.

"So we'll be taking a trip then, Natas?" she perked in question turning into him. The translucent gown shifted and pressed tighter against her flesh, giving even better sight to what was beneath.

"Hmm," the distraction of her flesh had him lift his right hand to her left nipple and give it a light pinch in tease. He couldn't help it. Peni was his prize; in both possession and person. She knew well she was highest in all he owned. Yes, he owned her, outright and in every sense. Nothing of or with her happened without his approval. The fingers rolled the teased nipple playfully before the hand cupped the breast and squeezed. Peni gave a light gasp and quick chirp at the initial pinch yet pressed heavier into he and his hand at her breast.

"Natas," she exhaled lightly and in next drawn breath,"the ship." The flesh in his arms shuddered with his actions and he snapped his mind back into place at the mention of the vessel.

"Oh," the hand didn't leave where it had been placed. In fact, it stayed precisely where it was,"Yes, a trip. Though word has it that the Queen decides to sail as well. While I don't know the woman well enough, she certainly seems to have a penchant for trouble. Trouble usually leaves people who aren't missed when taken."

Peni nodded with his words and shifted herself again to match against him so that he was comfortable. He needn't shift his own position as Peni moved to match along his body. Her own actions of doing so moved him enough and her that his relaxed positioning in the chair kept. He leaned to give her a light kiss of the lips as her reward for it. Pulling back he rested the back of his head against the back of the chair.

"Perhaps an idea is that we sail with them. Follow along and take advantage of said trouble. The crew will handle business and we have our trip." He explained further of it the more he thought and grinned with a wild idea,"I can even commandeer the Queen's ship, take place as its Captain, while my ship still sails but stays close to do their job. Ohhh, I'm liking this one." He mused the idea over in mind.

"If you take Captain of the Queen's ship, that means me sleeping in the same room as others or I am alone on yours." Peni pointed out a fair point. He thought it over for a moment as he recalled the layout of the Midnight Sun having been aboard it once. The Queen's staying room aboard the ship was beneath deck. An intentional design for vampiric use. The aft castle did have the Captain's Quarters that could be kept fully sectioned from the map room. He wouldn't have Peni outside his grasp, even if she were on his ship and it sailing with the Midnight Sun.

He pondered a moment more before smiling with the idea,"I'll simply 'indispose' the Captain, take his place, and we'll keep the Captain's cabin for ourselves. Just you and me. Mine sleeps with no others in any capacity." He chuckled with the thoughts. He was going to commandeer the a sense.

"What of the Queen?" she questioned in concern. The simple question meant more than the words used. Natas knew what she meant.

"I doubt she'll mind. She'd even find it amusing I wager." He had told her of the encounter with the Queen. In her position her opinion of it meant little. It was his that mattered. Though whether the man admitted or not, one way or the other, none aside his Peni lain in his bed. "Besides, perhaps you can even teach some of her stuffy little ladies some manners just by being there, my gem." He smiled and shifted the hand that remained on her breast down her abdomen to press between her legs. It rested there in wrapping the inner thigh of her right leg.

"I've made my decision, I'm commandeering the Queen" he nodded with affirmation he was set in course to not only do so but have fun in doing it.

"May I pack your things?"

"Of course, gem, the general needs for such a trip. Leave these gowns," he indicated the one she wore. "I'll not have any even by accident lay sight upon my flesh." Peni slipped from his lap to the floor smoothly in motion to her subligation.

"Yes, Natas," she spoke before standing and moving off as he gestured for her to do as commanded. Command or request, it was arguable honestly, though she only would dare to defy either were she seeking to rile him. His little mouse. He did so love his little mouse.

He stood from the chair and adjusted himself. "Time to capture me a Captain!" He turned to see Risque nearby with her head turned the direction Peni went. Her head pivoted to him and nodded. He couldn't have come across better he thought. The woman was well worth the coin paid to her. He stepped on a shadow and disappeared from the den of the house where they'd been.

At the docks he stepped out in darkness, remaining hidden however, and watched the goings of the ship's pier. Discerning which was the Captain in short order his eyes followed the man. He waited some time in shadow for the dunce to leave the ship to see to the dockmaster. When the time arrived, the words spoke, and the Captain departing...Natas leapt at the opportunity.

The snatch and grab waited till after the Captain had dealt with the dockmaster, though. Grabbing him before would call far more attention than him stealing the Queen...and her ship. The man exited from the dockmaster's office hovel and stupidly chose a dark alley to walk down. It was a shortcut to the ship, for sure. Stupid because it was to Natas's absolute advantage.

Another step...he appeared behind the Captain, and quickly struck the man with a prepared black jack. The hollow thunk of the skull and silenced thwack of the slightly rounded plate in the end of the tool sounded with the impact. The man dropped instantly. "Out like a light, beddy bye sleepy time, and by the time you wake up I'll be long gone with the Queen and her ship," he chuckled darkly yet quietly in volume. Searching through the man's pockets he looked for the Captain's mark. Most had them but not all of them. It was mostly a trinket if anything. Though Natas figured that with this an official vessel, even with Deavin's quirks about ranking men not having such identifiers, standing traditional men of the sea would have them.

"Ah, there you are," he plucked the mark from a hidden pocket on the inside right hip of the man's pants. By the time he'd found the mark he stripped the man completely nude and was going through the process of searching every seam and stitch for hideaways. He'd found it though for sure. It was a small but quaint little coin of iron with the shipname "Midnight Sun" on one side and on the other a replicated image of the ship. "Should have listened to Deavin," were the final words spoke before bound and gagged the man. Grabbing the man he stepped again, taking him with. An empty room in the Emporium he then deposited the man on the bed and made the whole scene as if his fetish would cause him to miss his ship's departure. Natas grinned with the work done and stepped again.

The deck of the ship was noisy. Exactly what he wanted. The Captain's proclamations to the dockmaster was the sign that the ship was ready to leave and all hands counted for. He appeared at the back of the aft castle and moved quickly. He'd shifted forms during the last step through the shadows. The black furred panther appearance of the Naztharune Rakshasa held additional cloak against the veil of night. Blackjack in each hand were readied.

One...thud. Two...thump. Three, four, five...three soft thumps. He was doing his damndest not to grin and his great pearly whites give him away. Oh he was having a ball. Six...thud. Seven, eight, woah! WHACK! Nine. The aft castle was clear except for the helmsman who stood ready to the side of the wheel. He stepped with no sound, no presence, quietly...natural born assassins his kind were.

THWACK! Ten...he caught the man and slowly lowered him to the ground. He had metal on him and he hitting the ground would make too much noise. Though it didn't matter in the end. He stood at the helm by the wheel and looked over the lower main deck and grinned finally.

"I'm commandeering this ship! And, there's no one here to tell me no." He held up the Captain's Mark to the light of the moon and contained fire to give light for them to see. He pocketed the mark and pulled a shuriken from the weapon's vest worn over the mithril chain shirt. Slinging the bladed star it cut through each rope mooring the vessel like butter and planted itself half into the wood of the pier. He spun the wheel with the other hand in the same motion to wrest the rudder from its parking position.

A quick procession of soldier and guard rushed towards the aft castle. Natas was on a boat with nothing but shadows dancing across the deck. Ohhhh it couldn't have been a better playground.

One after another he not-so-quietly addressed each person that attempted to stop him with his blackjacks. Minutes of the dance proceeded. He stepped from one shadow to another, a whack here, a step there, another whack here, and thudding clangs to follow as each one fell to the deck. By the time it ended there were five left standing who seemed wanting for taking him down for his hubris and declaration of stealing the Queen's ship. He kicked the draw for the anchor heavily as he watched them. The mechanism took over and withdrew the weighted steel from the water.

"Be good lads and stow that properly will you? My ladies are here." He walked along the rails as the ones still standing watched him and ready for any identifiable chance to subdue the creature of a man. At the gangplank he gave them his back. They thought that chance was there. The first sound of step...Natas was gone again. A quick sounding of five leather muted steel pings and five final clanging thuds the deck was clear. He stepped back to the gangplank and looked down to Risque escorting his darling mouse. "Permission to board granted," he grinned widely with his work as they made their way up the gangplank.

Risque carried a single locker heaved onto her shoulder. Without questioning he undoubtably knew it was his things as well as Peni's. Risque had her traveling pack lashed to her torso...the same she had when he hired her. He reached down and pulled the gangplank onto the ship as it began to turn with the ship drifting away from the dock. Dropping it to the deck unceremoniously he turned to Peni and Risque.

"Captain's cabin is in there. Risque, please make sure Peni is comfortable and the walls are placed to separate the cabin from the map room." Peni moved to him and stood for a moment. He looked down for a moment as she held her gaze upwards onto him. The panther like maw grinned and he leaned down. Rubbing one side of his maw against her cheek she scratched the top of his nose before turning and following Risque.

He turned towards his ship which was only a few docks down and gave a sharp stuttered whistle. The planned indicator set with one of his men before taking the Captain out of play. He turned and made his way back to the wheel on the aft castle. If any contested Risque they were in for a world of hurt.

"Ohhh Queenie! We're setting sail!"

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Re: Commandeering The Queen

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Commandeering The Queen: Cat In The Mouse Trap
Natas Calliger, Jaide LeMorte, Peni, Risque
'Midnight Sun', The Krai

Jaide´ŁęMoŗŧę«Ŗл : from the ruckus above. little sense did it make for it to be happening. however as she was quickly informed of whom was there. and what was going on. jaide merely lifted a hand as she herself was currently in the captains quarters. leaned back along the corner of the massive desk arms crossed. smirking as she did listen to each detail as it was described' let him be.. the ship shall be by far more amusing with the antics of such happenings' the first mate nodded ' Oh' jaide began ' remove any whom would seek to pause him.. those already tossed overboard. well they can swim and be replaced. Death shall make sure all those will be returned. as no bloodshed had arisen all is well ' ' Yes Majesty " then did he depart. soon as the sounds would ebb and die away. heavy footfalls approached the aft castle. Quite surprised was Jaide to see a viking bitch enter and see if the room was cleared' I do believe this room is occupied' she said cheekily. the woman arched a brow to the smaller lady whom was dressed all in black' I was informed...' jaide did interject ' I care not. tis my ship depart.. find separate housing for this trip or swim' Risque would think on it sword at hip ' draw darling ' did jaide state ' I beg of you ' the viking sadly thought better of it. there was something about the smaller woman that told her to back away... but she did speak first ' might I inquire as to where the Queens quarters are? ' jaide grinned a bit ' they are below... with the Queen in them ' no reason to tell her the Queen stood before the viking as Shae was aboard. Crimson was there in that section as well. it would be by far more amusing. ' ta ta now be gone child' the viking turned and went back out.. Jaide heard smaller steps turning about as well. amused she was. thus did she simply turn about and walk to the long opening with the glass panes she had Deavin install a few years prior. they were quite lovely a view. waiting did she back to the door... below none could or would bother the ladies. queen being there or not. Aja had just informed her all were boarded and gathering things into place. her red guard were aboard as well. yes most was not known she surmised that when Jaide sailed.. the captain.. held different quarters... grinning she could hear ajas words' its the other cat Jaide' she snickered. ' yes I do suppose he is a cat.. ' grinning as hands remained at the lower back portion of spine .. ' Let us see what this trip shall entail shall we.. send message to Garth of such.. I feel he is about. ' -=e

Ɲațaş˟Ḉałłįgeŗ : -= He was about to take the wheel of the ship to steer it towards the channel. Two to three hours to get to the channel he figured. He'd seen the riders head towards the direction of the towers earlier in the day before the time spent with Peni and the decision to commandeer the ship was made. Risque came back out from the aft castle with Peni still in tow. He stopped and leaned over the railing to look at the two,"I thought I said," he paused as Risque had a questioning look on her face,"What?" She relaxed a moment and spoke that there was a woman in the Captain's cabin. Natas quirked a brow,"And the Queen? She's aboard?" "Says she's below in the Queen's Chambers as you thought." "Well what's the problem?" Risque looked to adjust as her eyes looked back into the aft castle. He saw hesitance. That was unusual. He hopped over the railing to catch the slew of new crew come up from the forward hatches. He had the blackjack saps at the ready on his wrists still. He flicked them into the grip of his palms. They set about task to tend to the sail. He narrowed his eyes a moment and watched them before turning and looking to his own ship pulling to guiding rear line off to the side of the Midnight Sun. "Hmm, who's in the cabin?" He asked turning to Risque and Peni. "Don't know who she is, but..." "Bah," he cut her off and walked into the aft castle,"I'll deal with it." Didn't matter much to him who it was. Peni wasn't sleeping in the same room with anyone but him. "Now who in hell," he began as he entered into the map room and spotted Jaide behind the desk beyond where the separator wall would be. "Well that makes sense," he grinned and continued the approach in course towards the desk. "Looking to revisit some memories? Some mighty interesting ones. Have to say, finding you're on the Queen's ship as I'm commandeering it is rather interesting." He was still in his natural form. The massive panther-like appearance remained. He released the saps from the grip of his hands and let them hang, still more than at the ready by habit. "Risque says the Queen's down below, though neither that I particularly care who or what. But my Peni doesn't sleep in a room with anyone but me." He tilted his head and looked to Jaide. "So, color me curious," a fun little phrase he'd picked up from Dahean,"why're you here anyways?" He found that he didn't have to crouch. It was somewhat odd. His full form he should have to crouch on a ship when between deck spaces. Here he didn't have to. "And why are the decks so tall?" =-

Jaide´ŁęMoŗŧę«Ŗл : Still yet did she stand, back to the doorway portal of entry, there was in fact three ways in or out of this area. Jaide simply held that smirk along the corners of lips. eyes finding outright amusement. Aja had take care to send message to Garth of which was going on and change of captains. Jaide was not worried. why would she be? the raven which stayed aboard on usual circumstance would find flight just as the viking bitch began to speak to her master. if he was her master it mattered little. still amusing it was. black wings against the clouds sent a smile to jaides lips even further. so Lenore had allowed him to come forth early. good, he was more than likely having silent fits of boredom. it did not take long for the footfalls of he whom was quite heavier than the former visitor did enter. grinning a bit but back still to him. Ahhh so he did reckonize her. scent perhaps or hair either or did it matter? thus she let him speak and chatter on. Makes sense does it? amusing still yet. yes this voyage was indeed going to be vastly humorous. did he think he was all of that and a bucket of beer or what? ' should I wish to revisit anything... ' she still had back top him.. it would be a long slow turn.. to eye him and size him up. a tilt of the head smirk remained. so many questions did he ask one after the other. amusing it was to him quizzically asking o the height of the space... so he did buy it that the Queen was below. well that made this all the more intriguing. ' you ask quite a lot of questions Natas... welcome aboard the midnight Sun. the area is so large due to the fact the Queens husbands .. ' yes she replied with plural... letting him wonder of such as well. such was the latent information of one whom lived in the world so long. there were bound to be plurals for it all. ' suffice it to say she doesnt like short men' grinning as this was by far an easier explanation or as close as getting one he would be in such regards... ' tis a good lengthy space isn't ? the Queen is a bit odd in choosing of much in life. but she always did enjoy space... and trees to climb I suppose. ' grinning at him now should she remark of this peni person or the viking was it the viking? again it mattered not ' there are several cabins which your lady could have to herself with non entry by the crew. ' still yet did she grin. moving a bit to lean perched along the long column which held the aft stabilization for its roof. ' what brings you here this evening Natas? miss me so much you seek to command the Queens vessel? perhaps you were told I was here? ' oh she could toss it right back at him. such a candid question as it were. -=e

Ɲațaş˟Ḉałłįgeŗ : -= He grinning with her slow tease in the words she gave on revisiting then she failed to finish the sentence. He tilted his head slightly waiting for the end of it. It didn't come. She mentioned he of his questions,"Yeah? Not the first time I've heard it." He chuckled as he could in his form as it was more a low rolling growl of a sort. "She's Queen, of course she'd have husbands. One for Monday, two for Twosday, all three on Threesday, and dinner on Friday. That last one's important, gotta replenish the vitals." He looked up to the castle decking. He had nearly a foot to the wood from the end of his muzzle. "Trees are about right. Can't say I know many men that are taller than I naturally." He looked back down to Jaide with the notion that the Queen didn't favor short men. He quirked a brow,"Who would? Elevation is key."He gave another chuckle and listened as she spoke of other cabins. "I could, but this is the Captain's cabin. I'm Captain." He lowered his frame slightly in stance but in practice relaxation with clear effectiveness and control. "Well, last part answers the first part. I've commandeered the Queen's ship and taking on as it's Captain. My ship is sailing with. Figured I'd 'tag' along as Captain. Hear the Queen likes trouble. Trouble makes people that aren't missed. People not missed make slaves." He found it a pretty straight forward idea. "Then again, people missed make slaves too. All in all, it bolsters my stock at the market," he shrugged slightly and shook his head,"But no, had no idea you'd be here." He turned his head to the left and winked at her,"Though if you'd known I was coming, would this be as much fun? You do enjoy being poked," the grin spread across his entire maw,"repeatedly if I remember." =-

Jaide´ŁęMoŗŧę«Ŗл : Monday Tuesday and so on.. yes he definitely was going to create amusement further. Looking around as if confused .. then back unto him.. his form was impressive.. but still he did deserve a bit of amusement as he was gathering quite a fetch load of it for herself. ' Oh me? why am I here within the Captains Quarters?' grinning a bit, clearly she was enjoying this ' I always stay in the Captains Quarters... ' so he seriously thought he was the captain of the midnight sun did he ... yes vastly amusing.. would she let him continue to believe this or? ' You ? you are the new captain? ' seemingly confused. a nice little act... so he continues onward with his little jamboree of captain and so on and so on. Jaide still remains with arms akimbo watching him. ' so you figured to tag along ehhh ' grinning still yet. the slaver he was could not resist such temptation to rouse a ride with the mother ship so to speak. lords now she was sounding like Dexter. laughing a bit as then did she push off and away of the long column which she held back to a moment or two. ' but see we have an issue then' oh that lovely sweet smile did remain in place... ' you .. here.. I assume the viking bitch is your lady or your ladys guard would seem more correct in thinking... yes? ' lifting a hand as if to wave it away ' ehh no matter. this chamber does not have room for another female... yours or other wise... as its been granted to me by the Queen herself... and you.. nor any other shall remove me of it ' flashing a wicked grin as she could hear just where the two females were he brought aboard. maternally she would pull thought and design on HoD his lovely form was soaring just over the ship at the moment. when did she send that sweet little message. he would come to roost on his perch at the bow. shrieks from those with Natas could be heard. she herself still grinning ' so either they can find a separate quarter.. or they may return to whence they come?' oh she meant it .. so very sweetly licking lips.. ' OH yes I always enjoy a good fucking... the more rousing the more I demand it. ' a long snarling growl was granted from above. ah death was hoping to have a little bit of fun.. ' now as I stated. I shall not be removed of these quarters.. what say you now' in all serious intent as well as unassumingly holding the guise of a lady whom simply held court favor.. she stood her ground. sweet echos of life about the midnight sun continued onward as if naught was amiss... would he notice this? the ease to which he was allowed to come aboard.. the Queens ship? =-e

Ɲațaş˟Ḉałłįgeŗ : -= Of course he couldn't resist a good deal for free trouble that created easy slaving. Whether all were worth him keeping would be judged after they were captured and brought on board his ship. Those that weren't within his standards would be tossed overboard with weights on their feet. Simple, clean, no mess, and a lovely gurgle gurgle of the water that went with it. He produced the Captain's Mark for the ship. "Mark, right here, mine," the minted mark disappeared with a flick of his hand. He nodded at her guessing the station of Risque. "She's Peni's guard," he narrowed eyes on Jaide. This was getting suspiciously drawn out. Not many times he jumped into a situation or decision that unsettled him. This was nearly getting there. He didn't reflect it however at all. The shriek of Peni and heavy shift of the ship he turned his head so that one eye kept on Jaide, the other spying out to Risque and Peni who were backing into the doorway of the aft castle. What his sight granted view of however,"That's a big ass dragon." She mentioned Death and he turned back. Coined in a con. That slicker than shit old dirt bucket! "Ohh, you're a slick one. And so is old sandy britches." Surprise for once writ across his face in earnest. "That dragon is the Queen's, Deavin's told me that much," he crouched and kept eye on Jaide with still surprise but deduction flying through the mind of the man. "You ain't just Queenie...You're Queen. And that old shadow bag said absolutely nothing about it. And that shit Deavin didn't either. He probably found the whole thing amusing. There'd be nothing that happens without either of them knowing." He sucked at the teeth along the left of his maw as the jowl curled upwards and sounded a tssk. "This certainly doesn't happen often," snake caught by the mongoose. Fly to the fucking spiders. He grumbled slightly and sparked,"Cabin better be bigger than my ship's cabin." His cabin was like this only by specific design. Coming across another ship of the like for design he'd never imagined honestly. He hadn't even thought to consider the small gaps that didn't line up and connect. Though now those involved it all entirely fucking made sense. It had confused him as to why Garth had approached him in 'servicing' this woman per her request. He remember the old sandbag from the Pub. He did as he did. Not at anyone's request. Though now it made TOO much sense. He stood and grumbled a quick few selected vulgarities in his native language. "I'm going to guess both of them have already been told somehow, haven't they?" He didn't question the intelligence networks of either man. When this was done though. Sandbag he wouldn't touch...Deavin? Oh he was taking those space heaters now for his ship when they got back. =-

Jaide´ŁęMoŗŧę«Ŗл : Jaide stood ground. gave no quarter. Had little reason to do such. whilst Deavin may have been right about trouble following the Queen. he also knew she had an uncanny way to deal with things which crossed her path. Oh did she keep eyes upon him. yet another cat as Aja did dub him. what was it about kitty cats in her world? most certain that others would find this amusing to say the least. to say she stared him down was inaccurate. more did she look to him bemused indeed. by the gods unholy and a few holy please amuse me more did eyes state that gave his gaze back. so he held a mark of captain. so it vanished. so he said this or that. quite amused was she. then did he finally get it, Jaide did a small laugh. ' he is indeed a rather imposing size' yes amused she was. so he was just piecing things together. ' Perhaps that I am' was spoken in a perspective equation to his assumption being correct. ' ah they would not utter a peep. you are correct in that also ' did she moved yet? no there was zero reason to grant his wish of motion. however that did not pause the smile which ran along lips. ' the cabin?' ahh yes he did need one as his ship would have to have a gap of following .. death would see to this of course... none tangled with his old fire breathing ass ' ahh yes the cabin.. I am more than certain you shall find it adequate. Aja moved from the shadows and did nod to Jaide before exiting to the deck. ' Yes your assumption is correct. tis known quite well. long before you even placed what was going on here' now did she push off and forward to him. a slow steady pace to stand there ' your ladies shall have ample room. and seeing as how you dispatched MY Captain.. ' here came the rub. ' You shall take his place and do as needed, required and so on. ' grinning to him ' I am quite sure the voyage shall be illuminatingly enjoyable for all of us aboard. ' the ship would dip a bit as death took to flight. his weight removed the ship settled then. a buoyancy of course but sweet rocking motion was soon over. Jaide knew he would not find pleasure in his first plans being aborted by a mere female. but then again.. none commandeered this queen. ' to save face. I will not allow it to be so easily seen by others that this little coup failed. those loyal to you shall still find it granted to them each days passing by your command. but you... ' a serious note rose ' you dear Natas... unknowingly. stepped beneath my command. Welcome to the Midnight Sun... you are dismissed ' with that did she turn about walk back to the window.. a red guard stood at the portal doorway. awaiting to show him and his ladies to a cabin suiting a lord of the royal house. =e

Ɲațaş˟Ḉałłįgeŗ : -= Perhaps that she was. His ass in a sling she was! Swung him like a fucking cat toy. And Deavin! Oh, that shit-eating grin he probably would have upon getting the information. Natas continued to listen as his form shifted to his human appearance. "Granted I've been caught red-handed, and will grudgingly accept my blunder. It's certainly not the first but the first in a while. With it I'll take the placement as Royal Slavemaster." Something had to come out of it in his opinion. "Not that all slaves need be purchased from my stock but I get first bids on purchases from the nobles and Castle itself." He'd generally gotten luck abound with selling to those of the standing caste. Accept his blunder he would but not without some headway in it. "If they fit what's requested that is. If they want broken slaves that takes time." He didn't keep mentally shattered slaves. Granted he had one or two that jumped like crickets if he sneezed anywhere near them but those were accidents. Sometimes the mind couldn't take the conditioning without some fracturing. She spoke of keeping his blunder to a minimum in the public eye. He scratched under the beard a moment and nodded. "Yeah well, not many can on their own can snatch the cat before he gets his meal. Not to mention those two back onshore most likely laughing it up." He thought for a moment. He hadn't heard anything in regards to Garth in some time. Perhaps there was something to the rumor? He was out of the land? Nah, Deavin would, no, now he wasn't sure Deavin would have said anything. Deavin didn't mention this, and this got the cat caught in his own game. "I intended to Captain the ship anyways," he grinned mischievously in the play of the scene. In one sense, he was caught red-handed. In another, he still commandeered the ship...he was still Captain after all. He waited for a second gauging she'd turn to look at him when he didn't leave immediately after she dismissed him like any other who served under her. "Under, over, that desk again, whenever you're ready," he coyly played at her in words. He turned then and made to head towards Peni and Risque,"Just so you know. Deavin says I'm shit at charting maps. Got lost twice coming here the last time." Not was once. =-

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